1. Booking

Booking acceptance is subject to:
– the availability of the house on receiving the written booking request;
– the payment of a deposit;
The booking is to be considered effective only after Cilento Arcadia  has sent its written confirmation (by air mail or e-mail).

  1. Booking confirmation

On receiving the written confirmation of availability of the house within the indicated terms, the client is required to pay 30% of the total price, that we can charge on a deposit. As reason of the transfer has to be indicated the booked period (from…..to….) and the name of the booked domicile. A copy o f the transfer receipt has to be faxed at the number (0039) 0974- 972788. Consequently it will be valid as acceptance. The bank account numbers are as follows: Banca della Campania-Filiale di Ascea, Corso Elea 42/44; 84058- Marina di Ascea (SA) SWIFT CODE: IRPBIT3AXXX, IBAN: IT47S0539276060000001242524). The remaining amount has to be paid entirely 30 days before arrival through money transfer. A copy of the receipt has to be sent to Cilento Arcadia to following Fax number:  0039) 0974- 972788

The price for the rent of the house during the requested period is the one indicated by Cilento Arcadia on the written booking confirmation. The price includes the use of the apartment which is fully furnished and provided with beds, and includes following services: welcome during opening hours (from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.), electricity, gas and water consumption. Telephone calls and expenses such as fax usage will be charged separately on check-out. The price does not include: heating, Telephon, Fax and similar services that can be paid extra before departure. Not included in the price are either transfers to and from the railway station, the airport or any other terminal, services which can be provided on explicit request of the client. All our prices are indicated in Euro.


  1. Cancellation by the client

The booking can be cancelled by the client any time. The cancellation of booking by the client with a notice of 90 days before arrival results in the loss of the deposit, which will be held by Cilento Arcadia. If the cancellation is communicated with an even shorter notice, Cilento Arcadia is authorized to charge:

-30 % of the full price for a notice given between 89 and 60 days before arrival;

-50 % of the full price for a notice given between 59 and 30 days before arrival;

-70% of the full price for a notice given between 29 and 7 days prior to arrival;
– 85% of the full price for a notice given from 7 days prior to arrival.

The client is not eligible to a refund of the expenses in the case of a voluntary interruption of the stay and a consequent earlier departure.


  1. Cancellation by Cilento Arcadia

If the booked apartment is not available for a justified reason, Cilento Arcadia will offer the client an alternative solution which fits the standard of the original booking. However, if the client does not accept the alternative solution offered, the contract will be rescinded and all the money paid by the client to Cilento Arcadia will be refunded immediately. No other expenses may be charged to Cilento Arcadia.


  1. Arrival and departure times

We kindly ask our guests to call or write us 2 days before arrival (from Monday to Friday local time, from 09.00 to 20.00) to confirm the approximate time of arrival, so that we can organize the reception. Our numbers are: office tel./fax: (0039) 0974-972788, mobile phone from Monday to Friday: (0039) 349 3659009, e-mail info@cilento-arcadia.it. The apartment will be handed over to the client between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on arrival and  must be quit by 10 a.m. on departure. In order to simplify the arrival, the client is kindly asked to communicate via fax or e-mail, the means of transport that he will use, the flight or train number or the approximate time of arrival by car. Thus, the staff of Cilento Arcadia will be able to suggest the easiest way to reach the house or to the meeting place. At the agreed time, a representative of Cilento Arcadia will wait for the clients at the nearest meeting place, to show where the location is, hand over the keys and to give useful information about it. If the guests do not call us in the indicated terms, or call us only at the day and time of arrival, we do not respond of delays or default of reception. Though, the clients are kindly asked to communicate any notice of late arrival, just in case the local representative is exceptionally available for a later delivery of the keys. Once inside, the client is required to sign the inventory of the items located inside the house and to pay a caution of Euro 150.-, which will be paid back at check-out.


  1. Checking out

Once settled, the guests will arrange with Cilento Arcadia  the time of departure from the house which, as previously mentioned, cannot take place after 10 a.m. In this way, the representative from Cilento Arcadia will be able to carry out with the guest the following procedures:

– establish the general condition of the apartment,
– ascertain the extent of eventual damages to the structure and anything else,
– take back the keys and sign out.


  1. Maximum number of people

The maximum number of people that can live in it is stated in the description of the house. Surplus person have to abandon immediately the house.


  1. Pets

Animals are admitted only after written request via fax or e-mail and with the agreement of the owner. The request has to be done before booking and therefore before booking confirmation. The type of pet and its size have to be specified in occasion of the booking.


  1. Cleaning

Cilento Arcadia will hand the apartment out clean to the client, with all the necessary for a short stay. The guests are required to keep clean the apartment and especially all the kitchen utensils and appliances and to hand them back clean. At the contrary, we charge a fee of 30,00 euros.


  1. Rules for the clients

The apartment building rules, where foreseen, must be followed by the client. The apartment is allowed to be used only for holidays and occupied only by the number of people which was indicated in the description. The guest’s duty is to treat carefully the house and the inventory. Should there be any damage during the stay, those have to be immediately reported. The tenant (applicant) is responsible for all the fellows. If the client does not observe these rules and those stated by Cilento Arcadia, the society has the right to ask the client to leave the apartment without any refund.


  1. Damages

The guest is required to report to the representative of Cilento Arcadia as soon as possible any damage and lack should arise during the stay. The guest is responsible for the damages caused by himself as applicant. The damages have to substituted by himself. In case of  failed indication and because of that, there should arise other damages, the applicant will be charged also for that. In case of danger ahead, the owner of the apartment is allowed to enter it, in order to get off warding measures. Any compensation for damages, which are charged to the guest, have to be settled before departure with the owner or its representative.

             12. Responsibility

Cilento Arcadia has visited and checked each property. The descriptions appearing in our property information are accurate and have been done in good faith. However, Cilento Arcadia declines all responsibility for any modifications made by the owners without their knowledge. Any person who leaves the holiday home prematurely without any explicit authorization by Cilento Arcadia and without having sent written notice, will forfeit any right to the refund of the caution. No complaint presented upon the return of the holiday will be taken into consideration. Moreover, Cilento Arcadia is not responsible for any external element of disturbance, coming from outside the rented apartment..

             13. Accommodation

It’s understood that the accommodations Cilento Arcadia is offering are not official tourist structures, such as hotels, residences, etc. but private houses. Being such, they do not have standards or categories which are internationally recognized; rather they reflect, in their architecture and furnishings, the local traditions and personal taste of the owner. This is precisely the kind of holiday that Cilento Arcadia is offering, whose motto sounds thus: “to enter straight into the culture of the area, by living for a few weeks in the same surroundings as someone from the area”. In order to experience this in the right spirit, it is important not only that you accept, but also that you know how to appreciate any differences in the accommodations. On its part, Cilento Arcadia has carefully chosen the accommodations, using a minimum and maximum quality range within which it maintains that any citizen of Europe and indeed the world can find total satisfaction. Cilento Arcadia cannot exclude, however, the possibility that these differences may result in those minor inconveniences, that – being connected with the particular characteristics of the architecture and of the traditions of the area – cannot be accepted as complaints. Cilento Arcadia declines any responsibility for differences and lacks of materials and furnishings in the measure they correspond to the personal quality standards of the client; Cilento Arcadia does not give any refund.


  1. Complaints and inquiries

Any claim or non-fulfilment during the stay, can be presented to the representatives of Cilento Arcadia, through the telephone numbers and address above mentioned.


  1. Jurisdiction

In the event of controversy arising from the booking and the letting, exclusively the Courts of Law in Vallo della Lucania and the provisions of Italian Civil Law can deal with the matter, and only Italian law applies. Making the booking implies that Cilento Arcadia’s General Conditions have been understood and have thereby been accepted without reserve and without exception. If any of the conditions of this contract have become invalid or were invalid or if in this contract there should be a gap, the other conditions cannot be contested.